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18 Tips to protect your new home

After searching for months, you’ve finally found the home of your dreams and moved in. Now it’s time to ensure that you protect your home so that you and your family can avoid costly incidents.

Another measure is to protect your home and finances from financial liability. 

Being the victim of theft is an awful feeling. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to reduce your chances of experiencing theft in your new home.

Another common threat that’s ever-present when it comes to your new home is a home fire. Although home fires are less common, they can happen at any time.

Most people think they’re covered for flooding with their homeowner insurance policy. But they’re not!

You must buy a separate flood insurance policy to be covered. If you’re in a flood plain, and you have a mortgage, you likely do have the insurance because mortgage companies require it.

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20 Questions to ask when buying a condo

Buying a condo can eliminate a slew of the stresses that come with homeownership. The units usually cost less than a traditional home, and the shared maintenance will see you kicking back while someone else tends the landscaping. Typical amenities like a pool or tennis court aren’t too shabby, either.

But buying a  condo differs from buying a regular home in one major way: You have to live with a condo board that regulates many aspects of your everyday life. And the wrong one could send those once-low stress levels through the roof.

One of the biggest things customers fail to understand about buying a condo is that they will usually be buying into a community where some rules and regulations must be followed. It is not like owning a home where the majority of the time you can make improvements such as adding shrubbery, planting a garden, or putting up a fence if you like.

Unlike a home, with a condo, you own from the walls in. The outside of a condominium is owned by a democracy where you must abide by the rules. The point here is that you are not the king of your castle when owning a condo. Many condo communities either have an outside condo association with a management company involved or a direct homeowners association where all the homeowners decide what can and can’t be done.

As you can see, there are lots of questions to ask before buying a condominium. It makes sense to do your homework, so you are not only happy the day you buy but years into the future!

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