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“The services of real estate agents are similar when it comes to working with buyers. It takes more than a trained real estate agent to understand the needs and concerns of buyer clients. It takes someone who has been there, someone who has the same concerns when they’re home shopping”


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Rest Assured In Our Services

We know that buying a home can be a truly nerve wracking experience. Whether you’re looking for your first home or are downsizing because of an empty nest, we can help you find the perfect home. Do you need to step up to an executive-level luxury home? Want a quiet place in the woods to reflect during your retirement? Our access to a variety of databases ensures you’ll be happy with your options.

I don’t want to minimize the technical aspects of the home buying process though. Every year it becomes more complex. Between government legislation, environmental laws, mortgage documentation requirements and the legal aspects of a home purchase, the home buyer must be on top of all aspects of the process or be helped by a professional.



See what I’ll Do For Buyers

Our Full-Service Includes

  • Search Assistance – I help my buyers understand the many fields of information in a listing search. I guide them in making the most of the searches with thousands of listings.
  • Locating the Right Property for You – check out how I combine normal search assistance with automated email alerts to find the perfect home for you.
  • Automated Search Reports – once I have an idea of your criteria for a home selection, I can set up automated search alert emails to keep you informed of new listings and price reductions of qualified properties.
  • Financing Assistance – as tough as it is these days to get a mortgage, I know the best sources in real estate markets and will help you to contact mortgage professionals who have been very helpful to my past clients.
  • Getting the Best Financing – it’s difficult to qualify for the best mortgage financing and jump through lenders’ hoops, so I help you to find the best mortgages for your needs.
  • Price Negotiations – buyers shouldn’t walk in, o a deal unarmed. I arm you with market data to help you to understand the buyer and seller sides and formulate an offer price negotiation strategy. You’re not left to fend for yourself when you make that first offer to purchase. Before that,  I’ve given you data and guidance to make sure that you’re on the right track with a good deal.
  • Inspections & Repair Negotiations – Price isn’t the only negotiation, as there will be property inspections and you may need to enter into more negotiating around property condition and repairs. I am an expert at this. More negotiations usually crop up after you’ve agreed on a price, and they’re normally the result of inspections and necessary repairs. I am experienced and ready to help.
  • Title Insurance – owning a home is great, but you want to protect that ownership as well. I’ll explain how title insurance works and help you to insure your ownership.
  • Contract to Closing – The myriad of tasks, documents and delivery deadlines involved in a real estate transaction are all coordinated by me and my closing assistance staff. From title insurance to surveys and mortgage documents, I am here to help. The great number of delivery deadlines, documents and tasks involved in a real estate closing will all be coordinated by me and my closing staff.


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